Energy is all around us


We got through our day surrounded by unseen life force. It flows through us and causes us to be alive. Just like stars in the universe bursting with nuclear energy, you also have that same energy within you.


The basic foundation of every cell in our body is energy. Energy is in our cells, between our cells and creates a vital energy field in and around our body when we are healthy. When our energy is out of balance, our body is impacted in some way. Reiki works to remove energy blocks and to restore balance so all of the organs and cells are functioning on top performance. A session is pleasant and relaxing.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a form of energy medicine that balances the body energy resulting in healing. It's a Japanese natural healing technique that addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances to help harmonize your body, mind and spirit. 

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Energy Healing Benefits Include:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety

  • Goals and vision

  • Helping with depression and loss

  • Alleviating physical aches, pains, illness, and medical conditions

  • Calling your Power back to be more whole and confident

  • Healing deep, emotional and psychological trauma (PTSD)

  • Heightening Intuition and Creativity

  • Relationships

  • Increasing energy levels

  • Self worth

  • Releasing unwanted thinking, behavioral patterns, addictions, and phobias

  • Assisting in life transitions

  • Removing unwanted attachments or energies

  • Bringing greater Focus and Clarity

  • Greater balance and overall sense of well-being

...and much more!


How Distance Reiki Sessions Work

Distance Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Reiki Healing is channeled energy work, where the Reiki Therapist channels Universal Life energy and passes it on to the receiver. In this way a safe space is created where the receiver is able to allow him- or herself to receive and experience whatever he or she needs in that moment. When I'm performing reiki on someone who is not present, I'll typically work with the recipient's full name, date of birth, photo (optional) and healing crystals.

There is no need to set aside a specific time to receive the healing.  Reiki sessions take place once or twice a day and will be put in a queue, ready to be received at your leisure (usually as you sleep). If you want to have a specific time, this can be arranged. 

After receiving the healing energy, you may be more energetic or very relaxed and sleep more than usual after the treatment. It is important to drink plenty of water to help as the body excretes toxins released during the healing. Hydration also aids energy flow and helps to ground.

HowTo  Order  &Next Steps 

Once you have made your purchase, email me at cheryl@cherylife.co.uk with your full name, date of birth, optional photo (this will allow me to connect to energies further) the problem/issue you are currently experiencing so that we can focus more on this in the session. Let me know if you would like to receive it at a specific time ( you will need to lay down and relax during the session) . If not, I will send the healing to you whilst you sleep that evening. After the session, I will email you a report that will include feedback of what I worked on and felt during the session, along with a photo of the energy distance healing board at the completion of the session.

Ordering For Someone Else

You can order healing for your loved ones. I always send the Reiki healing energy with the intention that the person I'm sending to receives the healing based on their own free will. I will need their full name, date of birth and (optional) photograph. 

Sending Reiki EnergyTo Pets  &Animals 

If you have a pet that has health issues, you should always visit the professional veterinary practices first.

Distance `reiki healing is a wonderful additional way that can help your pet feel better. Your pet is not distgurbed and is comfortable in his/her home. During the healing session, your pet can be doing whatever they wish, however, I will automatically put it in a queue for when your pet is asleep, ready to be received at their leisure.

Benefits of reiki healing on animals works on physical, emotional,mental and spiritual levels, the same as it does with humans. It is a wonderful non-invasive method that helps to bring the animal back to a place of natural balance. Animals love receiving the warm gentle vibrations of reiki energy and benefit greatly from it. 

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